Rollerblading Reflections

Do you have something that inspires you to go further, to try harder, to do your best and then some?

Everyone has something, but some find their inspiration easier than others. Mine was something that has been in my life since I was young. My muse, so to speak is rollerblading. Allow me to explain what I mean…

When I was little, about six or so, my school would have these roller skating and rollerblading parties, back when indoor roller rinks were still a popular place. It was a night when there were no uniforms, (I went to a private school with strict dress codes), children like me were not in “student-mode” in the same way that teachers were not in “grading-supervisor-mode”. It was a place to unwind from a stressful week or just a fun environment to let loose in.

I did not realize it then, but now understand the impact rollerblading has had on my life. When I need to clear my head or get away from the world, I go for a blade. It is very nice because I get to explore my surroundings in a way that best fits me. I get to use my senses to guide me.

When the road is smooth in front of me, it is easier to look at where I am going instead of the path in front of my feet. The rocks are more likely to get caught or even trip me up, quite literally, when the path is bumpy and I am not able to go fast. But in order to reach my end destination, I must keep going even when the path gets rough.

Sometimes I am tempted to go down a road going a different direction, if only for a break from the jagged trail, but then remember that that other road is not going to take me where I am trying to go and decide to keep going on the pothole-filled terrain in front of me.

When I do finally make it to Barnegat Lighthouse, at the end of the island, (14 miles away), it is always worth the trying trek I endured to get there! Seeing the lighthouse is rewarding and gives me the feeling of accomplishing something big. It is only then that I pay attention to my aching calves but even the pain I feel cannot compare to the breathtaking view in front of me — both in ambiance and by the fact that I have to actually still catch my breath.

My spiritual life is similar to this picture I painted. When I need to escape from stress, anxiety, outer pressure, or just life in general, I can go to God and he will give me a spiritual break as he pours into me and refills the empty vessel that is my life. He will take me to a place inwardly that is peaceful and rejuvenating. All I have to do is come! When I choose to come to him with all my worries and fears, he is more than happy to relieve me of my burdens – in fact, he wants to take my load and give me his light load in its place.

The next way it can be equated spiritually is, how I am called to persevere especially in hardships, (the bumps and rocks in the road). The reward waiting for me, (the lighthouse), or in this case, Jesus, will be worth all the tribulations that I face. When I am face to face with my Savior, I will not remember the temporary pain I had to overcome on the journey because his face, his nature, his presence is so breathtaking!

The flip side of the jagged road is that when the path is smooth, it is, unfortunately, much easier for me to lose sight of God’s ever-present hand guiding me and protecting me. It may seem crazy to others, but I truly believe that I am given the spiritual rough paths because I take my focus off of the Lord since I do not “need him” in that moment. I always need God but this mindset of self-reliance is too easy to get stuck believing.

There are times, however, as I travel the stable road where I am conscious of my need for God because I am able to see how far I have come because of his hand in my life. In that moment, the blessings and the trials he has given me are so apparent because I am paying attention! It is a way of assuring me that though I will have more rugged roads to travel down there will be gentle roads as well and while I travel both, Jesus IS with me.

In both the flat and uneven trails, Jesus promises to be my balance and he will get me through every mountain and every valley, every meadow and every forest, He WILL bring me through every single thing I face— All I am required to do is trust him like I trust my blades to keep me balanced and upright as he takes me down his path.

Food for thought.

Maybe the smooth paths in your life are where Jesus paved the way as he dragged his cross behind him for your sins and where the trail is rough is where he asks you to take up your cross and follow him. Maybe this is so that others may have a smooth road where you hit bumps in your spiritual ‘blade’.

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. ~Matthew 16:24

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. ~Deuteronomy 31:8

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. ~John 16:33

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. ~Romans 8:18

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and portion forever. ~Psalm 73:26Psalm 73:26


Who Am I? Really.



Who am I? This is a question I ask myself all the time. In Biblical times people were described as ‘son of’ or by their trade. In today’s society, those are not really descriptions we use on a regular basis.

“Who am I?” is a question that plagues some individuals their entire life. I know all the things I am clearly not but sometimes have trouble seeing what I am. There are numerous ways to be identified and to find who I am. I am from the beach, I am a 23-year-old, I am an aunt and a niece, I am the youngest in my family, I am a student, and the list goes on.

But those are not the things I am defined by, completely. Yes, they are, in part, helpful to finding who I am, but they are do not fully clarify who I am. The world gives us so many ways to define ourselves but they are not the descriptions that really matter. In fact, they should have a lesser impact on us than who we are according to who God, our Creator, and Identifier. Too often we cling to those identifying earthly features and forget what the Creator of everything, our Heavenly Father, characterizes as.

In Christ, I am alive! I am a new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17). I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:15). I am made in the image of God, (Genesis 1:27). I am free from sin and death, (Romans 8:2). I am courageous, (2 Timothy 1:7). I am beautiful, (1 Peter 3:3-4). I am made with a purpose, (Esther 4:14, Jeremiah 29:11). I am loved, (Psalm 93:4, 1 John 4:19, Romans 8:39). There are so many more things I have been characterized by but too often listen to the world and its descriptions instead. I have always known whose I was so I knew who I was in Him. But there are times when even though I know my identity is found in Christ, I still feel like I do not really know myself.

There are so many more things I have been characterized by but too often listen to the world and its descriptions instead. I have always known whose I was so I knew who I was in Him. But there are times when even though I know my identity is found in Christ, I still feel like I do not really know myself.

Are there truths about your identity that you are clinging to today or characterizations that you have trouble believing?

Is it your flesh that tries to tell you that they cannot be describing you?

Remind yourself now, what the Lord says you are – let his names for you be the ones you receive as true and let the titles the world has given you fall off your shoulders. They do not define you, beloved!

Below is a list of several of the things the Lord defines you as. Let his truth destroy all the lies you may believe about yourself.

Truth of who I am IN CHRIST

Seeking The Heart Of The Father


“With God, the sky is the limit. Literally.”

Growing up in a Christian home, I learned about missions from a young age. My brother and sister went on trips every summer before school started and I longed for the day that I might touch the world as well. From encounters I had, I began to understand the lasting impact that missions have on both the ones that are being shared the Gospel with and those who are going out into the world evangelizing.

I have been fortunate enough to experience first-hand, the lasting effects of going on missions trips and how while in a foreign land, it is easy to see that the natives end up being the ones who impact the lives of those coming to bless them because they are so joyful that people are visiting their village or community. The team visiting the area find that they leave these lands having been blessed beyond words by the simple yet beautiful way that the people there are accustomed to living. I looked for people I knew were transformed personally, during their trips and returned more passionate about the relationships and experiences they received from their travels, and more importantly, from having an encounter with God.

First, I interviewed my friend Marissa who has been to a few locations including Paraguay, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. “How do we do anything for these people,” Marissa inquired when asked about the trips she has been on. “It was an incredible experience [in which], I didn’t even know what I could do or offer,” then stated, “having that experience was just overwhelming.” Marissa later discussed how the most influential part of the trip for her was “being in another country where they speak another language and having no choice to but to function and thrive in another culture”.

The transformation that takes place for individuals and teams who come together to do a missions-based trip, is phenomenal. Physically, it can be very demanding when traveling anywhere out of the country because it means there will be a different environment to get used to, and even more so for missions work. “The training to go to the Amazon was intense” Recounted Marissa, “We did training as a team and I was in the best shape of my life because we were constantly working out together.” My friend Sean added, “It’s always a challenge when your body is in another environment, you have to understand the culture so you don’t get sick, dealing with the heat, all the things that come with being in another culture”.

Asia humorously, yet in all seriousness, added her own difficulties about the physical challenges she faced when on her trips. “I realized you don’t need as much sleep as they all say because God will energize you; you don’t need as much food as they all say because God will sustain you; and you don’t need a shower every day as they all say because God’s grace gives people the sustainability to deal with your smell if you can’t shower!” The truth is, that while in a foreign land, a shower is a luxury that may not be offered like we have here in the States but the people are so ecstatic that they are being visited that they may offer the little water they do have for their honored guests as a means of thanks.

In addition to her view of the physical obstacles, Asia went deeper into the spiritual mountains necessary to climb, “I have learned that there is no sweeter thing in life than to pick up your cross and follow Him, no matter what that means or what that looks like. When we full-heartedly chase God’s heart, it’s ultimately the thing that fulfills the human heart.”

“Spiritual health has to be represented by physical health so I have to take care of my body because it affects my spiritual [being]. Mental health is also affected by physical health. I do very well with the hands on [experience] because I want my physical mind to be strong too. Physically, spiritually, mentally, when God stretches you it’s because he wants you to grow – he wants to see you fulfill what he has for your life. He is going to stretch us the way he wants to, and it is tough, but it is completely worth it and all I can say is thank you, Lord, for using me and [he] deserves my life and [he] deserves the glory and honor. Whatever mountain I have to climb I will do it because [God], has put [his] strength in me.” Sean commented.

Marissa told me how a spiritual prophecy over her became her physical reality as well as a mental reminder for her first trip. “YOU ARE STRONG,” the woman told her, which “defined my life at that point – physically, mentally and spiritually I became strong – one guy used to call me the “Iron Lady”’

On the next trip she went on, however, Marissa said she felt like the Lord was teaching her how to be compassionate. She concluded that “He was teaching me to be like him and was revealing to me that he is not just strong or just compassionate but he is both at the same time.”

All three individuals had a similar takeaway from the trip. Asia said, “God always wants to spend time with you; it’s now your turn to free up your life from every distraction in order to commune with Him.” In Marissa’s response, she mentioned that when we take part in these trips that we experience God on deeper levels as we engage in the cultures of others. That these encounters allow us to shape our theology further of how we see God and ourselves as well as his people from every tribe and tongue. “It’s not just God in America but God is in all these other places and he wants to be explored and sought on deeper levels.” Lastly, Sean described his takeaway through the passage in 1 Corinthians 13:3, “If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” He added, “I know that God is making me a leader and the things he has taught me during my study abroad because everything he has brought me to he has put me in positions of leadership”

Missions trips are life-changing experiences and to be able to take part in one or multiple trips is humbling. To see the world and the people all over the world are to see God and to witness his faithfulness throughout all the cultural barriers that try to separate us from each other. To reach out beyond one’s self is the most inspiring act of compassion – it allows us to be the love of the Father and be loved by him in return, by the extension his beloved family reaching back. With God, the sky is the limit; literally!


You Need A Break, We Know Where To Go

The Jersey shore has so many fun things to occupy ones time when they come for a vacation. It is a place a relaxation and rest. Beach Haven especially is a happening place during the busy summer months. There are always activities to do and places to go.

People come to this beach paradise from all over the country. A trip here is the perfect escape from the high demands of life. Whether it is the family looking to find relaxation from a chaotic schedule or the elderly couple seeking warm weather and good company, the beach is the sought after getaway for everyone.

To help put into perspective how others see this heaven on earth, I was able to get a few insider scoops from a few locals. The first person I talked to was my mom. She is a successful real estate broker on the island so she gave me the point of view from one who is knowledgable about the market and what attracts visitors and families down to the shore.

When asked what the “must do’s” while visiting were, in her opinion, she answered, “they must see a sunrise and sunset.”

She continued, “They must dine at the Gables Restaurant, see a show at the live theatre, and visit the ice parlor where they will have to sing for their food and also the free concerts in the park.”

These were activities she felt no one should miss out on when they came to Beach Haven.

Samantha, my sister-in-law, said the things that should not be missed for any age group in her opinion.

“I would say you HAVE to go to Bay Village since it is the center of everything, definitely walk through the Fudge Shop and get the Chowder.  You HAVE to go to the beach, that’s why people generally come — Fantasy Island is fun no matter what age you are. Your inner child will love all the attractions there.  We went to Parker’s Garage last night and that is definitely some place you would want to go.” Later she added, “the night life activities included going to the Sea Shell Thursday nights, the Marlin is our [my brother’s and hers], favorite because they have shuffle board.  The Engleside is kind of fun, too, and they have live music playing outside.   Shopping is another thing. There’s Sur la Plague (At The Beach), [one of several island boutiques] to shop, there are great restaurants but that’s for any age group.  The Hudson House is a mix of age groups but that is a fun place to play shuffle board.” She said how going to the lighthouse is also a fun activity and is pretty cheap if you want to climb to the top.”

My friend Mike said his favorite thing about the beach was the community and the quiet – the solitude that is not offered in the busy life away from the island. How the island is a getaway from life and a place to clear the mind.

Mike gave me a list of his favorite things but told me there were too many things to do that he could not name them all but he was able to give me some of them.

“Taking long walk on the beach with ruby [his dog] and Anne Marie. We like to dine out at the different restaurants. I like to grill and the weather is perfect that I get to grill outside. I get to go for bicycle rides- there are a lot of favorites – I can’t choose just one.”

Riding bikes, going to the beach and checking out the local entertainment seemed to be a few things everyone agrees should be included in a trip to the Jersey shore. There is also Thundering Surf Water Park, several mini golf places, boutiques and shops only on the island as well as so much more for everyone to do.

At one point, my mom discussed the how real estate on the island varied in the different seasons because of what people are looking for.

“People that are looking to buy on a barrier island usually are looking for a seasonal home which means the preseason market in the spring or early summer has tremendous activity.” Then added, Most people will not want to buy a home in the fall because they will most likely not use it until the summer.”

My mom talked about people who live in a city environment or a place with more of seasonal activities they would definitely look elsewhere. Unlike at the shore, there are many more jobs that dictate where a person will live in metropolitan areas. Another factor that plays into looking elsewhere rather than at the beach is the school system parents are looking at for their children.

If someone is looking more for a secondary home or a beach house where they can go to relax, spend time with their family and friends and even join a sailing club then Long Beach Island is the perfect place.

Another topic we covered was fine dining. If someone is looking for those gorgeous sunset views over the water, then Parker’s Garage and Oyster bar is one choice that offers fantastic food. Parker’s is a newly renovated restaurant that used to be known as the “The Boathouse”. It sits right on the water and it is the perfect restaurant for Sea cuisine.

Another restaurant that Beach Haven has as a hidden gem, is The Gables.  They offer up elegance and fine dining. The Gables is a wonderful place to take a significant other on a special date or for friends who have not seen each other in a long time. The atmosphere here at this restaurant and B&B is one of the islands’ sought after treasures.

Anyone can tell that Long Beach Island is a summer getaway though.

“The winters are very cold and the wind howls across the frozen bay. With that being said, there is nothing as sweet as a roaring fire as you’re bundled up inside as you watch the waves toss”, said my mother. 

“The traffic is really bad and there’s only one way off the island.  In the winter it gets lonely”, my sister-in-law further commented.

So if you are traveling solo or with the family, there are so many attractions and great mini escapes wrapped up in one giant beach vacation. Come to Beach Haven today and let the peace, the town and all its proud members come teach you how to get the most out of your trip.

Look Up, I Will Not Let You Fall.

I was strolling along the pier at the lighthouse earlier today and…-2I was strolling along the pier at the lighthouse earlier this week and was watching each place I planned to step so I would not fall. I looked up and saw how much further the rock jetty went and was amazed. I had thought I was almost at the end but when I looked up I saw I was not even close.

I was so consumed with the step I was taking that I did not see all the other tracks I would have to make ahead of me.

God sees the path ahead because it’s the one he made already. He sees how far I have come and walks with me in the distance still to go.

I am not supposed to dwell on the anxiety of what the future brings but if I only look at the next placement right in front of me then I miss out on the view encompassing me.

I am called to stay present-focused but be excited about the future. If I only look at where my feet are going I will not be able to know where I am or find this way again.

By being so absorbed in my feet I subconsciously tune out the melody of the waves crashing into the rocks and being sent back out again. I miss the Ocean’s welcoming swishing sounds as it collides into the rocks ever so gently and the views of fish jumping and birds catching their next meal. I do not see the beach and forget to feel the wind as it invites me into its dances and movements. I miss out on it whispering all around me.

The way before me is set and I trust that my feet are planted in the Lord, so why not look up as I follow him down the trail and breathe in his splendor and majesty as he leads me?

How much further can I go, how much faster is my pace when I lift my gaze to meet his? How much more is there to behold when I stop staring at my feet?

What is a way that you have been too focused on your stepping that you forgot to hear the ocean crashing lightly on the waves? A time when you subconsciously tuned out the song that the Lord is playing in the wind just for you? A moment when you did not want to look up for the fear of falling consumed you? In the moment did you forget the One who will always catch you?

You never know how far you came until you turn around and take a look. When you look back will you recognize the view or the rocks your feet touched?

Psalm 91:11-12

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Psalm 18:33

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.

Leviticus 26:12

‘I will also walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people.


Joseph And The Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat Critique

Entrance_to_Surflight_TheatreSurflight Theatre, the local playhouse here in Beach Haven, New Jersey, has been open 1950 bringing a wide range of productions to the Jersey shore. They remained open until 2015 when due to unfortunate circumstance, they closed for two years but are now open to the public once again.

The Theatre has brought shows like ‘Cats’, ‘Footloose’ and ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ to the Beach community. The children’s theater productions include ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Snow White’ ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and much more.

Here in Beach Haven, Surflight Theatre has all the best shows to see. The Theatre’s latest production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, is one that is playing now at select times through July 23. I got my ticket and I am looking forward to tonight’s performance.IMG_3680

So after going twice, to the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, this is my viewer’s critique. Overall, I would give the production a rating of 9.5.

The acting was phenomenal, the excitement of the actors was contagious and the way the producer decided to go about telling the story was creative and fun.

A narrator was used to make the story come alive and when she acted the players were brought to life to tell their tale. This allowed breaking the fourth wall, opening a door for audience interaction and participation. The storyteller brought the viewer into the story quite literally and for many of the scenes, she became part of the movement.IMG_5208

The entire cast made those watching want to jump up out of their seats and dance along with them in the upbeat songs and be grieved with them during the sad numbers.

The play had laughter fill the playhouse as they delivered their lines and emphasized their emotions and exaggerated their activity.

All of the actors gave a wonderful performance and all fit the role they were playing quite well. There was diversity in the roles and the solo songs were on point in their delivery.

Joseph as a play, captured the audience’s undivided attention as the cast enchanted their viewers with the tales that were told.

I enjoyed the way they did the play set to be in the 1960s. It was a creative twist and gave the action some flare, like the bell bottoms the performers wore at different points in the play. Pharaoh was dressed like Elvis and loved getting close to the audience in his performance.IMG_4110

The show was ladled with humor and the uproar of laughter made the shophouse come to life. There were a few instances, however, where the humor and events that took place should have “Pg13” so if that does not sit well with a parent of a young child, then it might be better to make this a date night or matinee event for a couple.

Since I got to see the show twice, the second time it only got funnier and I was able to observe more that went on. Both performances were on point and they stayed very close to the story of Joseph. It was also cool because, before each show, they would thank the sponsor of that show which happened to be my mom’s company, Coastal Living Real Estate Group.

And of course, my family and I got a picture with Elvis, Joseph, and the entire group of extremely talented cast members.FullSizeRender

If someone is visiting Beach Haven while this musical or any other show that Surflight put on is playing, my opinion would be to get tickets because it is not something anyone will want to miss!

The Road Less Traveled

When I was little I used to love trying to walk in the footprints of others when I was on the beach. Whether it be my mom, dad, or maybe just a set that was going the direction I was going myself.

Recently, while at the beach, I found myself drawn to this same activity. Because it was early, there were not many footprints I could make out in the sand so the options of pre-made paths were limited.

I chose a path by the sea and followed a way down the beach. When the trail began to go a different way than I wanted to, I realized it was time to leave the path the footprints before me, had made.

The sand was smooth before me and no other footprints of any kind had left their impression since the waves had washed them away.

As I walked, I felt like the Lord was saying to me that this was what he called me to do; to follow him even when every other set of prints turns a different way as I continue going straight. That sometimes I would get to walk where the path was already made but there would be other moments that I would be instructed to make a path for myself to walk in.

While I received this revelation, I thought about how when I was little walking in someone else’s steps, I could not fit into their tracks because they were bigger than mine. Spiritually, this is the same; too often I try to fit into a role that I was not made to fill and am disappointed in myself when I fail.

I was made to use the footprints of others to guide me not to use them as a mold of how and where I am supposed to go. The only One who can and should define my steps is the Holy Spirit as he knows where he has planned to lead me.

So to all my fellow footprint followers, try and break away from the mold and make your own path! Let the Lord guide you for he is the One who knows where your path should take you.


First Steps

I have a niece that is just beginning to learn how to walk. It is fun to watch her grip onto a piece of furniture and balance herself as she ‘furniture walks’, as my sister calls it.

This blog is going to be like learning how to walk for me. It is a way to begin. I am still figuring out which pieces of metaphorical furniture I can hold onto in order to get where I would like to go.

If you are anything like me, you love finding new ideas and creative methods to figure out how to reach the end result. With this blog, I hope to discover new and exciting ways to expand my horizons.

This online journal will hopefully be something that can be used to help me grow physically as I am stretched in what my comfort levels are, mentally as I get to learn more information, and spiritually as I pursue God on deeper levels.

The reason I am writing is that there are areas of interest to me that I want to learn more about. There are so many areas that are interesting to me so it is hard for me to narrow down my list of topics but here are a few sections I plan on traveling through:

Health– When I was in 8th grade I lived at Buddhist healing house – the funny part is that I am a practicing Christian.

Music – I believe music is created in order to inspire its listeners but there are so many times that the lyrics themselves go unnoticed.

Prayer and going deeper – Prayer is a way to reach out to God because he loves communing with us.

There are many other topics I hope to touch on but these are a few to get people excited for what awaits my future posts. Thank you for learning how to ‘furniture walk’ with me!

#Prayer #Learningtowalk #Health&healing #Music

Where Am I Going?

beach trail

Do you ever feel like you are traveling with no direction or just wandering aimlessly? I do.

I am a wanderer by choice but like having a destination in mind that I journey towards. In life, the journey is the most important part to many and they disregard the journey’s end. Don’t get me wrong, the adventure of moving forward is incredible, inspiring, and breathtakingly beautiful, but I love having an idea of where I am going too.

Living at the beach gives me a broad yet local perspective towards life. However, my family loves to travel so that enables me to be easy and flexible but also fast-moving which is a great way to discover new trails to trek.

On the odyssey of life, there are many trails to take but only one path can be wandered down at a time. This does not mean there will never be a chance to walk down other paths but it means to choose an adventurous walkway to walk down first. The choice belongs to the adventurous spirit; take the beach path or the mountain trail, the route by the river or the path on the peak.

This blog is going to be a roadmap I will use to guide me to my final destination. Like any great road trip, it will have different locations along the way.

The different trails I will travel down are trails I have traveled before. They are the places that left me speechless and awestruck at the majesty God put on display before me. They are places of storms and peace. They are lessons and wisdom I gained along the way. They are places where I have buried failure and watched trees spring up from their seeds. And these paths are the same ones that have made me who I am today so I hope you enjoy the trip!

Mountain View

Welcome to my blog!

Hello all, I am a new blogger but am excited to be able to share my writing. My name is Madison Wells but often times I simply go by Maddy.

I am a beach girl from as far back as I can remember and love taking walks on the beach during the winter time. Beach walks are my escape from the real world and to me, they are a place of peace and rejuvenation from the Lord. 

I love Jeremiah and Psalms but I think my favorite book of the Bible is Daniel because I love the faith and trust of Daniel and his friends. Their faith literally took them into the fire and they were not burned. I want a faith like that.

My penmanship, like my life, is a constant work in progress and I am learning about how to completely trust God in every season and storm. I am also getting a better understanding that I am made in His image and He has imparted abilities in me in order to do His work. A motto I am trying to live by is, “Write the words and God will deliver the message”. So This is a little about me, so people reading this blog get to know me better.

So like I said, welcome to my blog. I am hoping to make this blog be well-rounded with several subjects represented.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and appreciate you coming along for the adventure! 

Seeking and searching the Lord, Maddy