Sometimes All You Need

9056C681-2D86-4703-976A-8F87EFD8E8CASometimes all you need is to splash through the waves as the wind is at your back and the sun saturates the world around you with warmth and brilliant color. The past few days I have found both the warmth of the Son and the radiance on display before me to be the sanctuary, that I could freely come away with the God of Heaven, as He covers the earth.

Sometimes a moment like this, in the Presence of the King, is all you need to be reminded of the unfailing unending promises of God. As I watched the Son of God transform the sky and recolor the earth with splendor, my soul was quieted as if the busyness of life could not penetrate this moment of encounter. Life outside of this place in time stood still as the sun did when a bold prayer was prayed in the story of Joshua. The heaviness that tries to steal away a precious encounter is easily defeated as the Presence of the LORD grows more tangible and draws us constantly closer.

Sometimes thankfulness is all you can respond with at the beauty surrounds you.

And sometimes all you can do is stand speechless in awe of the splendor before you as it fills your senses.

There are moments where the quietness of life escapes you and it’s there in the noise that the LORD reaches through and places the stillness inside of us… The stillness of His Presence always with us. The stillness that brings peace despite the whirlwind surrounding you that catches you up in its tireless motion. Jesus knew stillness because He knew His need to always come away with His Father. Even when there was a storm around Him, there was a stillness, an unshakable peace that filled Him because He was grounded in the stillness from Heaven and from His Father, His source.

24465F7C-E7BF-4D95-8BDC-D1458FA5235AAs I escaped the noise of life and beheld the majesty of God in both the reflection of the water mirroring the sun, the light reflecting everything it touches, but also just tuning into the soundtrack of Heaven, I felt that stillness that is freely given to us. I felt it as I listened to the crashing waves rhythmically landing on the sand. I felt the peace as I stood motionless in the midst of constant movement. Life didn’t stop around me even though it seemed to slow within me.

Sometimes in order to see clearly, you have to jump in the water and just let the waves crash over you. Where words dry up, let the water quench your soul. At the end of what is seen and what is certain, what is known and safe, is a whole new adventure deeper into the mystery and majesty of the Creator.

Sometimes all you need is to let go, to trust completely with no exceptions, and run into the Sonset as you chase after God. He always meets you where you are and every step of the journey with Him, will always be greater than a journey trying to find, discover, and seek understanding alone. With Him, we find answers, we find new horizons, we find the end of ourselves and we dive deeper into His Goodness, His nearness, His love.

Sometimes all you can do is simply come as you are, with all your insecurities and questions and just fall on your knees before our Savior. That which we seek and long for with all our whole being, is only found as it is revealed; a closer encounter that is ever-increasing, a deeper love that fills every crack and molds us into the most beautiful pottery. And sometimes it takes coming in a still moment as you behold something as awesome as a Sonset painted by the LORD with you in mind, a palette of colors that cannot be truly captured sprawled out before you, the warmth of the Son and the refreshing from His water crashing over you.

For me, this is where I come when I need to find God, yet I am never hidden to Him so I think it’s more accurately where He finds me and draws me closer to His heart.

So sometimes all you need is to be drawn to the Father’s heart by allowing Him to take you away with Him as He meets you in the beauty, in the mystery, in the sound and in the silence. Sometimes all you need is to remember how great, how unmeasurable is the love of God for you and to be reminded of His Love by coming away as you are so that He can fill you with Who He is and Who He is for you!

So wherever it is that is your quiet spot, that you can come away and be transformed by God as you behold Him, go there and embrace the Holy encounter He always desires to bring you into. Come away with Him in a timeless moment and let His Spirit fill you like His glory fills the heavens and reflects over the whole earth.

But one thing I can promise you is that He is Always All You Need!

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