Lord, Make Me A Wind Chime

04F98CCE-DE9B-4411-86A3-03F91D835C8ALast night as I drifted off to sleep, I was serenaded by the sweetest sound. It was the song of the wind dancing through the wind chimes beneath my window. As I reflected on this more this morning, I thought about how the wind chimes were allowing the wind to create a symphony through them.

I thought about how both components made a sound that joined both the wind and the chimes as if creating a masterpiece made of harmony and yet was created with simplicity. Wind and chimes. The first component moves through the latter and brings it to life. The wind being the “ruach” or breath of God, and the wind chimes simply being hollow, creating a space for the wind to dance through, it how it will. The wind created the most beautiful sound as the chimes were filled with the song of the wind. It created a symphony like no other, one which filled the earth with a song-filled moment straight from heaven.

Hearing the harmonious sound fill the atmosphere, gave me a fresh perspective. If the wind is the breath of God blowing through each lifeless carrier of sound, then I want to be a wind chime filled with the sweet whisper of the Lord moving through me. We are made to echo the song of our God that is inside of us and by doing so, fill the whole earth with His song. A wind chime is a man-made instrument designed to create music, to capture the wind if only for a holy moment.

Lord, like the wind fills the chimes and brings them to life, let Your breath fill us and bring us to life also. May Your song move through us and serenade the earth with Your glory. Make us Your wind chimes that carry Your sound! ~Amen~C9E82641-A209-490D-A5F4-9643EDD15066

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