A Stirring In My Heart in the Early Morning – 3 AM Revelations & Reflections

How do I put into words that which is incomprehensible? That which is felt deeply and known, rather than able to be explained. As if I was wrapped in the warmest blanket and could feel it warm me completely, was how the love of God that I found so tangibly covered me in this moment. Before my eyes I saw a scripture I never known before. As it was read, each word was highlighted and poured fresh fire, and hope into my spirit. This scripture though was but a glimpse of an eternal God and by seeing it, the Living Word was revealed through the written word.

This one scripture spoke of every characteristic that God is, that He is for me that which I need Him to be at that exact moment. But more than that, as the Words of Life floated before my eyes I saw the characteristics of God that others needed. This scripture revealed Him as a stronghold and strength itself. As a fortress and defense. As peace and as rest. It revealed Hi as our hope secure and the One who never fails us nor forsakes us. His mercy, goodness, grace and unfailing, unconditional love all present in this one scripture. Everything that we need God to be at any given moment was written here before me. Everything. It was literally the all-encompassing nature of the Living Word echoed through every promise of Who God is.

How do I explain the character of the One Whose definition is greater than the unknown? The One Who cannot be explained because He is beyond comprehension. Him who lives in me Who gives me peace and rest, Who restores, redeems, and sets free. Him who pulls me closer to His heart and wraps me in His love. He Who is outside of time, yet inside the very heart of the matter of my earthly situation. The One Who lives inside me as my Comforter, yet is also a piercing sword that cuts my heart. His perfect covenant brands me with His fire and there is an imprint of love that I am marked by.

“God”, I pray, “Give me Your words”, all the while I neglect to open my heart to understand His Word. But Jesus is the Living Word that is alive in me… Alive in each one of us. We know life because we know the Sustainer. We have hope because Jesus did rise up from the grave when He defeated death forever and now nothing could ever keep Him down and if He is alive in us, then nothing will ever hold us down either, but we are victorious by His Blood! If Christ conquered death and He lives in us, then how can our lives not be lived for Him? For it is by His Spirit inside of us that we have the reason for breathing. In the Name of Jesus, there is life abundantly and that will never end! In Him, there is a love that is stronger than death and nothing can ever separate us from and a hope so secure that can never be overcome or rendered defeated.

So like the vision of the written word that revealed the all-encompassing nature of the Living Word, we can take heart and know that our God is everything we will ever need Him to be in every situation and in every season!

He’s what we need and always so much more.

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