The Heartbeat and its Symphony

“A sovereign hush quieted the earth as all of creation waited expectantly upon its King.”

As I laid cozily in my blankets, the Lord kept telling me to capture what these words meant through creation’s beauty.

“It’s so subtle that it can’t capture it. You can see the heartbeat of God but you can’t actually capture it in all it’s glory”

I love waking up and watching the sunrise, but on this morning, wanted nothing more than to snuggle back into the warmth of my blanket. When I did finally get up, I understood what God was trying to show to me.

The water was moving as if it was gently breathing. The trees joined in the song the wind conceived, in a melody that seemed to capture both the stillness and the noise of the environment.

In this timeless moment, my senses came alive at the scene painted.

The earth was brought to life as part of a symphony that was being orchestrated before my eyes in the calm. A masterpiece was being spoken into existence at the command of the King.

All of nature readily answered the Conductor’s invitation to join in the great ensemble carrying the Lord’s symphony throughout the earth.

Each piece in creation had a crucial part in the song that was being written. Each part added something unique to the sweet sight and sound.

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