You Need A Break, We Know Where To Go

The Jersey shore has so many fun things to occupy ones time when they come for a vacation. It is a place a relaxation and rest. Beach Haven especially is a happening place during the busy summer months. There are always activities to do and places to go.

People come to this beach paradise from all over the country. A trip here is the perfect escape from the high demands of life. Whether it is the family looking to find relaxation from a chaotic schedule or the elderly couple seeking warm weather and good company, the beach is the sought after getaway for everyone.

To help put into perspective how others see this heaven on earth, I was able to get a few insider scoops from a few locals. The first person I talked to was my mom. She is a successful real estate broker on the island so she gave me the point of view from one who is knowledgable about the market and what attracts visitors and families down to the shore.

When asked what the “must do’s” while visiting were, in her opinion, she answered, “they must see a sunrise and sunset.”

She continued, “They must dine at the Gables Restaurant, see a show at the live theatre, and visit the ice parlor where they will have to sing for their food and also the free concerts in the park.”

These were activities she felt no one should miss out on when they came to Beach Haven.

Samantha, my sister-in-law, said the things that should not be missed for any age group in her opinion.

“I would say you HAVE to go to Bay Village since it is the center of everything, definitely walk through the Fudge Shop and get the Chowder.  You HAVE to go to the beach, that’s why people generally come — Fantasy Island is fun no matter what age you are. Your inner child will love all the attractions there.  We went to Parker’s Garage last night and that is definitely some place you would want to go.” Later she added, “the night life activities included going to the Sea Shell Thursday nights, the Marlin is our [my brother’s and hers], favorite because they have shuffle board.  The Engleside is kind of fun, too, and they have live music playing outside.   Shopping is another thing. There’s Sur la Plague (At The Beach), [one of several island boutiques] to shop, there are great restaurants but that’s for any age group.  The Hudson House is a mix of age groups but that is a fun place to play shuffle board.” She said how going to the lighthouse is also a fun activity and is pretty cheap if you want to climb to the top.”

My friend Mike said his favorite thing about the beach was the community and the quiet – the solitude that is not offered in the busy life away from the island. How the island is a getaway from life and a place to clear the mind.

Mike gave me a list of his favorite things but told me there were too many things to do that he could not name them all but he was able to give me some of them.

“Taking long walk on the beach with ruby [his dog] and Anne Marie. We like to dine out at the different restaurants. I like to grill and the weather is perfect that I get to grill outside. I get to go for bicycle rides- there are a lot of favorites – I can’t choose just one.”

Riding bikes, going to the beach and checking out the local entertainment seemed to be a few things everyone agrees should be included in a trip to the Jersey shore. There is also Thundering Surf Water Park, several mini golf places, boutiques and shops only on the island as well as so much more for everyone to do.

At one point, my mom discussed the how real estate on the island varied in the different seasons because of what people are looking for.

“People that are looking to buy on a barrier island usually are looking for a seasonal home which means the preseason market in the spring or early summer has tremendous activity.” Then added, Most people will not want to buy a home in the fall because they will most likely not use it until the summer.”

My mom talked about people who live in a city environment or a place with more of seasonal activities they would definitely look elsewhere. Unlike at the shore, there are many more jobs that dictate where a person will live in metropolitan areas. Another factor that plays into looking elsewhere rather than at the beach is the school system parents are looking at for their children.

If someone is looking more for a secondary home or a beach house where they can go to relax, spend time with their family and friends and even join a sailing club then Long Beach Island is the perfect place.

Another topic we covered was fine dining. If someone is looking for those gorgeous sunset views over the water, then Parker’s Garage and Oyster bar is one choice that offers fantastic food. Parker’s is a newly renovated restaurant that used to be known as the “The Boathouse”. It sits right on the water and it is the perfect restaurant for Sea cuisine.

Another restaurant that Beach Haven has as a hidden gem, is The Gables.  They offer up elegance and fine dining. The Gables is a wonderful place to take a significant other on a special date or for friends who have not seen each other in a long time. The atmosphere here at this restaurant and B&B is one of the islands’ sought after treasures.

Anyone can tell that Long Beach Island is a summer getaway though.

“The winters are very cold and the wind howls across the frozen bay. With that being said, there is nothing as sweet as a roaring fire as you’re bundled up inside as you watch the waves toss”, said my mother. 

“The traffic is really bad and there’s only one way off the island.  In the winter it gets lonely”, my sister-in-law further commented.

So if you are traveling solo or with the family, there are so many attractions and great mini escapes wrapped up in one giant beach vacation. Come to Beach Haven today and let the peace, the town and all its proud members come teach you how to get the most out of your trip.

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