Joseph And The Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat Critique

Entrance_to_Surflight_TheatreSurflight Theatre, the local playhouse here in Beach Haven, New Jersey, has been open 1950 bringing a wide range of productions to the Jersey shore. They remained open until 2015 when due to unfortunate circumstance, they closed for two years but are now open to the public once again.

The Theatre has brought shows like ‘Cats’, ‘Footloose’ and ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ to the Beach community. The children’s theater productions include ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Snow White’ ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and much more.

Here in Beach Haven, Surflight Theatre has all the best shows to see. The Theatre’s latest production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, is one that is playing now at select times through July 23. I got my ticket and I am looking forward to tonight’s performance.IMG_3680

So after going twice, to the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, this is my viewer’s critique. Overall, I would give the production a rating of 9.5.

The acting was phenomenal, the excitement of the actors was contagious and the way the producer decided to go about telling the story was creative and fun.

A narrator was used to make the story come alive and when she acted the players were brought to life to tell their tale. This allowed breaking the fourth wall, opening a door for audience interaction and participation. The storyteller brought the viewer into the story quite literally and for many of the scenes, she became part of the movement.IMG_5208

The entire cast made those watching want to jump up out of their seats and dance along with them in the upbeat songs and be grieved with them during the sad numbers.

The play had laughter fill the playhouse as they delivered their lines and emphasized their emotions and exaggerated their activity.

All of the actors gave a wonderful performance and all fit the role they were playing quite well. There was diversity in the roles and the solo songs were on point in their delivery.

Joseph as a play, captured the audience’s undivided attention as the cast enchanted their viewers with the tales that were told.

I enjoyed the way they did the play set to be in the 1960s. It was a creative twist and gave the action some flare, like the bell bottoms the performers wore at different points in the play. Pharaoh was dressed like Elvis and loved getting close to the audience in his performance.IMG_4110

The show was ladled with humor and the uproar of laughter made the shophouse come to life. There were a few instances, however, where the humor and events that took place should have “Pg13” so if that does not sit well with a parent of a young child, then it might be better to make this a date night or matinee event for a couple.

Since I got to see the show twice, the second time it only got funnier and I was able to observe more that went on. Both performances were on point and they stayed very close to the story of Joseph. It was also cool because, before each show, they would thank the sponsor of that show which happened to be my mom’s company, Coastal Living Real Estate Group.

And of course, my family and I got a picture with Elvis, Joseph, and the entire group of extremely talented cast members.FullSizeRender

If someone is visiting Beach Haven while this musical or any other show that Surflight put on is playing, my opinion would be to get tickets because it is not something anyone will want to miss!

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