The Road Less Traveled

When I was little I used to love trying to walk in the footprints of others when I was on the beach. Whether it be my mom, dad, or maybe just a set that was going the direction I was going myself.

Recently, while at the beach, I found myself drawn to this same activity. Because it was early, there were not many footprints I could make out in the sand so the options of pre-made paths were limited.

I chose a path by the sea and followed a way down the beach. When the trail began to go a different way than I wanted to, I realized it was time to leave the path the footprints before me, had made.

The sand was smooth before me and no other footprints of any kind had left their impression since the waves had washed them away.

As I walked, I felt like the Lord was saying to me that this was what he called me to do; to follow him even when every other set of prints turns a different way as I continue going straight. That sometimes I would get to walk where the path was already made but there would be other moments that I would be instructed to make a path for myself to walk in.

While I received this revelation, I thought about how when I was little walking in someone else’s steps, I could not fit into their tracks because they were bigger than mine. Spiritually, this is the same; too often I try to fit into a role that I was not made to fill and am disappointed in myself when I fail.

I was made to use the footprints of others to guide me not to use them as a mold of how and where I am supposed to go. The only One who can and should define my steps is the Holy Spirit as he knows where he has planned to lead me.

So to all my fellow footprint followers, try and break away from the mold and make your own path! Let the Lord guide you for he is the One who knows where your path should take you.


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