First Steps

I have a niece that is just beginning to learn how to walk. It is fun to watch her grip onto a piece of furniture and balance herself as she ‘furniture walks’, as my sister calls it.

This blog is going to be like learning how to walk for me. It is a way to begin. I am still figuring out which pieces of metaphorical furniture I can hold onto in order to get where I would like to go.

If you are anything like me, you love finding new ideas and creative methods to figure out how to reach the end result. With this blog, I hope to discover new and exciting ways to expand my horizons.

This online journal will hopefully be something that can be used to help me grow physically as I am stretched in what my comfort levels are, mentally as I get to learn more information, and spiritually as I pursue God on deeper levels.

The reason I am writing is that there are areas of interest to me that I want to learn more about. There are so many areas that are interesting to me so it is hard for me to narrow down my list of topics but here are a few sections I plan on traveling through:

Health– When I was in 8th grade I lived at Buddhist healing house – the funny part is that I am a practicing Christian.

Music – I believe music is created in order to inspire its listeners but there are so many times that the lyrics themselves go unnoticed.

Prayer and going deeper – Prayer is a way to reach out to God because he loves communing with us.

There are many other topics I hope to touch on but these are a few to get people excited for what awaits my future posts. Thank you for learning how to ‘furniture walk’ with me!

#Prayer #Learningtowalk #Health&healing #Music

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