Where Am I Going?

beach trail

Do you ever feel like you are traveling with no direction or just wandering aimlessly? I do.

I am a wanderer by choice but like having a destination in mind that I journey towards. In life, the journey is the most important part to many and they disregard the journey’s end. Don’t get me wrong, the adventure of moving forward is incredible, inspiring, and breathtakingly beautiful, but I love having an idea of where I am going too.

Living at the beach gives me a broad yet local perspective towards life. However, my family loves to travel so that enables me to be easy and flexible but also fast-moving which is a great way to discover new trails to trek.

On the odyssey of life, there are many trails to take but only one path can be wandered down at a time. This does not mean there will never be a chance to walk down other paths but it means to choose an adventurous walkway to walk down first. The choice belongs to the adventurous spirit; take the beach path or the mountain trail, the route by the river or the path on the peak.

This blog is going to be a roadmap I will use to guide me to my final destination. Like any great road trip, it will have different locations along the way.

The different trails I will travel down are trails I have traveled before. They are the places that left me speechless and awestruck at the majesty God put on display before me. They are places of storms and peace. They are lessons and wisdom I gained along the way. They are places where I have buried failure and watched trees spring up from their seeds. And these paths are the same ones that have made me who I am today so I hope you enjoy the trip!

Mountain View

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