Welcome to my blog!

Hello all, I am a new blogger but am excited to be able to share my writing. My name is Madison Wells but often times I simply go by Maddy.

I am a beach girl from as far back as I can remember and love taking walks on the beach during the winter time. Beach walks are my escape from the real world and to me, they are a place of peace and rejuvenation from the Lord. 

I love Jeremiah and Psalms but I think my favorite book of the Bible is Daniel because I love the faith and trust of Daniel and his friends. Their faith literally took them into the fire and they were not burned. I want a faith like that.

My penmanship, like my life, is a constant work in progress and I am learning about how to completely trust God in every season and storm. I am also getting a better understanding that I am made in His image and He has imparted abilities in me in order to do His work. A motto I am trying to live by is, “Write the words and God will deliver the message”. So This is a little about me, so people reading this blog get to know me better.

So like I said, welcome to my blog. I am hoping to make this blog be well-rounded with several subjects represented.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and appreciate you coming along for the adventure! 

Seeking and searching the Lord, Maddy 

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